How can you avoid being scammed online? The experts from explain

  • Be informed, suspect and inquire till you have no doubt of the investment offer’s validity. Research online, find (reputable) sources (more than one) such as reviews, blogs and chat threads. 
  • Be diligent about your private information. Do not be quick to share it. Very sophisticated, highly funded operations exist online to steal your information and sell it to anyone willing to pay. If you get an unsolicited call, be suspicious!
  • Make sure that you and only you have access to your wallet and think twice before you share that access with anyone . Once an exchange transaction has been completed and the currency is placed in the wallet there is no going back, and if you send those coins to a wallet you can’t find or can’t access, it’s too late. Note that this is clearly stated in the terms of use that you agree to upon transactions.
  • We do not offer investment services or consultation of any kind. If someone contacts you, claiming otherwise, please report the call and any pertinent information both to the Bitnomics support staff at and to your local law enforcement representative.
  • We do not tolerate scammers and fraudsters of any kind. All of our partners, employees and service providers are vetted thoroughly and diligently. Any investment offer on our behalf is to be considered a threat and a scam.
  • representatives will never initiate a sales call, email or chat to convince you to exchange any currency or initiate any financial transaction.
  • Never give your payment information to a person claiming to be a representative of Report any such request you receive to us for investigation.
  • If you notice an unfamiliar transaction with, please contact both your bank and the support at immediately, so we can take the necessary steps to prevent that card from being used again at any payment page.
  • Please take into account that will not be liable for any loss resulting from such transactions, as these are made with the consent of the card or bank account holder.
  • If at any point, you are not sure about your next move, contact our support department. They are here to assist you.

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