How to buy Bitcoin with Skrill

You can now buy Bitcoin with Skrill! Payment gateways like Coingate, Bitpanda, Spectrocoin, and others have made life very easy for people who wish to access Bitcoin fast and securely via Skrill. The process of buying from payment processors is a better alternative to using exchange markets or buying from individuals. Today, the buying process is easy; anyone can do it. Although many payment processors are offering a way to buy cryptos with Skrill, the question is which one should you trust and how should you go about it? 

Skrill formerly Moneybookers is a Fiat payment processor like Paypal. It is a platform that provides fast and convenient exchange operations. They offer a safe ground for people to use different payment methods like Credit cards and others to make online purchases, transfer cash from one person to another in most countries of the world. In time past, payment processors like Skrill didn’t incorporate crypto payment options in their operations, but as cryptos gained more ground, they extended their service to include the digital currency. Buying Bitcoin with Skrill, therefore, offers you boundless opportunities online as you can now go beyond buying and selling products and services to buying other digital currency. So, if you would like to buy Bitcoin or other coins fast, below are two payment processors that you can use today.


Coingate offers different avenues to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos like Ether, Litecoin, and so on. They provide their clients with the opportunity to use credit or debit cards as well. With your Skrill E-wallet, you can acquire the major virtual currency very fast, no registration required. The transaction is usually confirmed instantly and the payout is done within a day.

Registration (KYC)

Registration or customer identification is not required

The procedure of Bitcoin Purchase

The procedure of Bitcoin purchase with Skrill through Coingate is quite simple, anyone can do it. It involves:

1: Choosing the type of currency you want to buy

2. Choose the payout address

3. Fill in your Skrill email address

4. Finish the instant payment options

Once you finish the transaction, cryptos are usually transferred to your wallet within 24 hours. The payment is very smooth; no long procedures.

Unlike Exchange markets that charge high rates, the payment processors rate is low and it’s also private. Apart from the option of buying cryptos with credit or debit card, Coingate offers other options like using your mobile balance and EU SEPA bank transfers.


If you are living in Europe, do you know it is possible to buy Bitcoin in 10 seconds? Yes, this is what Bitpanda promises they can do. They are a bitcoin exchange company operating from Australia. Like Skrill, they offer different payment methods. Please read our Bitpanda Review


If you need bitcoin fast, Bitpanda can help you. However, they have limited operations for unverified users. Unverified users have a transaction limit as they cannot buy above a certain amount, but verified users have an unlimited transaction limit.

The procedure of buying bitcoin with Skrill

1. Open an account at Bitpanda

2. After registration, you will be required to confirm your email and identity

3. Deposit EUR and proceed to purchase bitcoin using Skrill

4. Withdraw the BTC to your wallet.

KYC (know your customer)

This is a procedure that businesses use to acquire knowledge about their customers. It is done during or after they commence business operations. It is a very important procedure but not all businesses adopt it. Coingate, for example, does not follow the KYC procedure for bitcoin purchase on their website. 

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