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Crypto Is Getting Hit as Blockchain Conference Consensus 2018 Kicks Off

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One of the major annual conferences of cryptocurrency was started on 14 May 2018 in New York. After the kick off, a fall of 7% in major cryptocurrencies was noticed. Before the hard fork the Bitcoin Cash was 7.2%, but after the conference, 3% downfall was seen it Bitcoin and Ethereum whereas there was a decrease of 2.5% in Ripple’s XRP.

This year the Blockchain Conference Consensus was huge and almost triple in size as compared to the previous year’s conference. With the price of $2000 per ticket and 8500 attendance, the underlying blockchain technology has raised earnings of $17 million by the ticket sales this year.

The conference will be 3 days and was finally kicked off on Monday and the crowd was so huge in Hilton Midtown in the New York that it created huge difficulty for CNBC reporters and it took 75 minutes for them to get the entrance badge.

In early February it was seen that Bitcoin had fallen by 37% which according to Fundstrat was the lowest point for the whole year. However, after the consensus, a huge rally was seen that has huge support for the Bitcoin. In 2017, there was only 2700 attendance in the annual blockchain conference. The bitcoin had rallied from 10 percent to 69 percent in the last year. In 2018, the Bitcoin has accelerated its price to above $2000 but still, it had 8500 attendances.

More than 20 events were scheduled in the consensus of 2018 and with 8500 attendance and it was definitely an excellent year. A lot of crypto developers were also present in the consensus of 2018 and some of them also have bought the ticket at $3000. So, we can undoubtedly observe that the world has seen a huge dominance of bitcoins in 2018.