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TRON: The Currently Sky-Rocketing Cryptocurrency

6 days ago 294 views

Right now the time and market are pretty favorable for TRON Foundation as well as TRON investors. It is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies on the market. And this attention has been brought upon by its decision to separate from ERC20 and migrate to its own MainNet token.

All this hard work has been put in by the TRON founder Justin Sun to become one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies. In fact, replacing Ethereum as the 2nd largest. Currently, Tron is ranked at #10 at the value of $0.073.

TRON is looking for expansion and Coinbase will provide that. TRON is a highly traded currency and if the trading volumes continue after the release of MainNet on May 31st, Coinbase can earn some high profits. Along with Coinbase release, TRON is also looking to further expand its authority and scope by shifting some of their operations to the US. The developments are looking very profitable for TRON Foundation and if the MainNet works as expected, TRON prices can reach the sky.

Currently, TRON has 100 million DApp users which it has planned to leave from ERC20 and shift completely to its own MainNet. The only concern among the investors and supporters is the token swap. But Justin says the supporters need not worry. The users can put their TRX into the exchange and wait for the foundation to swap them. Even if they forget to put them into the exchange, it is no problem. Tron plans on keeping the exchange support swap facility permanently.

This is not it. As the time passes, TRON is adding more and more ammunition to reach its expansion goals. TRON has announced that on the 25th of this month, a virtual machine will be launched. This machine will help all the DApp users to do the token swap without any hitch.

Sun has made a statement saying that in the Q3, their main goal is to support the third party apps fully and provide reliable, high-performance network and support. Then they will concentrate on cross-chain communications and privacy in Q4.

All these innovations in the TRON Foundation are working very beneficially for it. In the last week where all the cryptocurrencies saw a downfall, TRON has done exceptionally well. As a matter of fact, in the last 24 hours, its trade volume has increased by 12.48%.