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Will This Fasten the Rise of Cardano?

1 week ago 342 views

Cardano, or the “Ethereum (ETH) of Japan”, is gaining popularity slowly and steadily. It has been known for its unique technology, just like Ethereum. Cardano (ADA) was developed by the co-founder of Ethereum and does the same thing as ETH but has some limitations. Because of the limitations, the currency is highly undervalued at $0.32 currently. But yesterday, Cardano made a very interesting announcement which could bring its price up to $1.

Cardano is pairing up with Metaps Plus, the South Korean Mobile Payment giant, for integration of cryptocurrency with mobile payment options within Asia. This will be the first instance in Asia where mobile payments will be made possible through cryptocurrency. Post this announcement; people are getting really excited about ADA token.

Currently, the market status of Cardano (ADA) makes it difficult to believe that it can turn up as high as $1. The announcement has people of Asia excited but the markets have hardly reacted. But that does not mean that the future is also slow for ADA.

Metaps Plus has 1 billion users and that is a lot of people making mobile payments. The benefits won’t be visible for Cardano till Ada is available as a payment option on the app. There are chances of ADA skyrocketing after the merger is done and the technology is available to use.

The Cardano technology is strong and has a lot of potentials. There will not be drastic changes immediately but in the long run, it can become one of the top players. The prices will undoubtedly surge but to reach $1 it may take some time. With Metaps as a platform, it can be considered a highly profitable investment. Right now is the perfect opportunity to back a slow and steady race winner.